Sunday, July 15, 2007

Embracing New Technologies

Title: Embracing New Technologies
Title of Journal: School Library Activities Monthly; May 2007
Author: Franklin, Pat and Stephens, Claire Gatrell
Date: July, 15, 2007

This article talks about the importance of knowing about new technologies. It tells how we as media specialist are always referred to as being technology leaders. In order to retain that title, we must stay abreast of new software applications and different types of equipment. It also talks about the importance of the media specialist to have a support system. This support system enables teachers and students to rely not just on the librarian but other individuals who are familiar. By staying current, a librarian is aware of new technologies that you may want in your school or library. Then these new technologies can be passed on to individuals who can utilize them and who may not know about them. When a new technology is discovered it is important to play with it, learn about its general functions, and advertise the new equipment or software to teachers and students who can use it. Always remember, embrace new technology with excitement and don't let it intimidate you.
I enjoyed reading this article. It was set up similar to someone giving a pep talk. I felt as if it gave good information and pointers to those who may be weary of using new technology and software. I enjoy learning and using new technology. I think that technology is very important for any school or library program. If we didn't have technology where would our libraries be.

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