Monday, July 2, 2007

That Bloggin' Pneumonia !

Title: That Bloggin' Pneumonia !
Title of Journal: Library Journal; 6/1/07, Vol. 132, p88
Author: Powell, Antoinette
Date: July 2,2007

This article discusses blogging and other community resources available on the web. The first thing that the author discusses is the use of a blog for library management purpose. She explains that it is very important to not make the blog an online bulletin board. The patrons will get bored with that and not bother reading it. So, the librarians needs to post anything about the library and change it daily. It is also important to give logins and passwords to library staff. This allows them to help in the process of keeping the blog current and adding information that someone may have missed. The next update was the librarians use of wikis to introduce books or library materials that would match up with special happenings during any given month. The final update was a flickr page showcasing the libraries CD collection. This page enabled patrons to view the CD. All three of these new technologies were linked back to the blogging page. Now that these new technologies have begun the only problem that the library staff has with the blog is trying to decide on a theme for each month.
Blogging like a My Space page would be very beneficial for any library program. More and More young people are on the web. By using these technologies we are in a sense letting patrons know that we are current with information and that we are knowledgeable with new age advances. Blogging is cost effective and in smaller districts that is a plus. A blogging page could even take the place of a web page for those who cannot afford one.

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