Sunday, July 1, 2007

Wikis and Collaborative Writing

Title: Wikis and Collaborative Writing
Title of Journal: Teacher Librarian; Jun2007, Vol.34 Issue 5, p57-59
Authors: Lamb, Annette
Johnson, Larry
Date: July 1, 2007

This article explains the concept of a wiki. A wiki is a collaboratively created website(s). This website can cotain graphics, audio, video, and animation. Users make changes by selecting form options and filling in forms. Authorized users, or moderatos, can add, delete, and change the content of a particular site. Wikis are a specific type of socila technology. According to the authors of this article wikis have 5 charachteristics.1) Unique 2)Collaborative 3)Open editing 4)Simple coding 5)Evolving. The article goes on to explain how to setup a wiki, basic functions, and the content. Children as young as kindergarten are using forms of wikis in classrooms. These children are guided by their teacher and their wikis are often setup during small group instruction. Their wikis for example may be about a particular animal. Each studnet then adds what they would like to the site with the assistance of the teacher. The main goals of a wiki is to not only learn and use new technology but to use the technology in a collaborative format. A wiki can also be used to post new information. The possibilities are endless.
After reading this article, I wanted to make my own wiki. I have had previous experince with wikipedia but I had no idea that it was in such a format that anyone could add comments to any topic. I feel as if this will be the replacemanet of a PWIM chart in K-2 classrooms. I think that it is a wonderful tool. A wiki reminds me of a blog. The only difference being that on a blog one can add comments and on a wiki one can actually change the content. What a wonderful upcoming technology.

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