Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thoughts about Blogging

My introduction to blogging began in young adult literature class. Before this class, I had no idea what a blog was. A blog to me was a excerpt of something that was written on paper. I had no idea that software was even involved.
I have enjoyed using blogs as a way of posting information. It not only enables you to write down your thoughts and ideas, it lets others view what you are thinking. The best part of blogs is that they can be shared. I enjoying having others give me feedback on a topic. It is a great way to get a different perspective about things.
I truly believe that blogs can be used in any library program. The best way to use the tool is by getting information out to your patrons. It could be used as a site to show patrons about upcoming new release titles, happenings at the library and maybe even utilizing it for a book club discussion. When I get into a library I would definitely utilize a blog. I believe that it is another way of reaching patrons and showing them that the library truly cares. When I do get the chance, I would begin by using the blog as an advertisement for the library. I would then take it further by using it as a book club blog area. Who knows what would come next.
I have yet to find any blogs that I will continue to read but, I haven't really had the time to search as of yet.

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