Monday, July 2, 2007

My Space=My Opportunity

Title: My Space=My Opportunity
Title of Journal: Library Journal; 3/15/07, Vol. 132, p7
Author: Evans, Beth
Date: July 2, 2007

This article talks about how an academic librarins sat up a My Space page for the library and its success. Brooklyn College Library had previously been sending emails to personal email addresses. Beth soon learned from her daughter that the only emial that she reads is the one through her My Space account. Beth soon found out that the majority of her patrons do the same. Beth sat up a My Space page for the library and within seven months of its conception she had 2350 friends/patrons. The My Space page enables Beth to tell her patrons what the library is offering, help with research, and showcase the libraries online catalog. Beth also has the chance to see another side of her patrons that she normally does not see at the reference desk. She is able to better tailor the library to certain patrons by looking at their interests and hobbies. Librarian Beth Evans has taken the library further into cyberspace by learning how to reach her patrons.
I was so interested in this article. I too have a My Space and have found old friends adn made new ones. I can truly see where this would be a huge advertising ploy.We as librarians better meet our patrons needs by staying abreast of current technologies. This idea would be of great use to even a high school librarian. This idea would also be very cost effective for a library program.

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